Bavarian Pale Ale 2,5% - Holders
Bavarian Pale Ale 2,5% - Holders
Bavarian Pale Ale 2,5% - Holders


Bavarian Pale Ale 2,5% - Holders

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Alkoholgehalt: 2.5%

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Pickup available at Pick-Up Station - Brauerei Naila Usually ready in 2-4 days

Bavarian Pale Ale 2,5% - Holders

6 Cans

Pick-Up Station - Brauerei Naila

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Hofer Straße 21
95119 Naila

The Bavarian Pale Ale, our light beer innovation, impressively proves that lower alcohol content does not mean less taste. With only 2.5% alcohol and 50% fewer calories, it sets completely new standards for refreshing beer enjoyment.

Your beer innovation with real added value:

Flavor intensity, lightweight: Surprisingly intense taste despite half the amount of alcohol and calories. Enjoy the full character of a BPA full beer without compromising your enjoyment.

Fruity hop explosion: The distinctive fruity hop notes of the BPA full beer remain untouched. A sensational taste experience with the right kick.

Easy. Fruity. Tasty.:The triple essence of our Bavarian Pale Ale: light in alcohol content, fruity in taste and simply drinkable - an unbeatable combination.

Universal accompaniment: Refreshing thirst quencher for the summer, the perfect replacement for the classic cyclist. Our Bavarian Pale Ale harmonizes perfectly with every meal and on every occasion.

Your taste experience in detail:

In bright light yellow, our Bavarian Pale Ale presents itself as pure refreshment. A mild foam crowns the picture.

The first sip surprises with citrus notes reminiscent of lime, orange and mandarin. They are accompanied by the subtle accompaniment of red currant.

The initial taste is refreshingly fine and at the same time wonderfully soft on the tongue. A gentle bitter note, slightly underlined by wild herbs, accompanies the taste. The fruit aromas continue skilfully, accompanying the pleasant bitterness into the lasting aftertaste.

Malt: Pilsner malt, Munich malt, light Carmel malt
Hops: Hallertau Tradition, Mandarina Bavaria
Alcohol content: approx. 2.5 vol.%

Experience a revolution in enjoyment with the Bavarian Pale Ale that combines lightness and taste in a fascinating way. An invitation to discover and feel good - cheers to a new dimension of beer!

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