The leading Web3 and NFT beer brand

With more than 1,050 NFTs (digital enjoyment tokens) sold at around 1,000 EUR each, we are one of the most successful German NFT projects ever and the 1st Web3 brewery worldwide.

Several thousand customers in more than 40 countries love our beer and there are more every day.

What you get? 240 cans of beer per year. Delivered to your home for free. Guaranteed for 3 years - but as long as we exist. Our goal: A lifetime!


Our special - mint still available

Gold Pass NFT

With 10 or more Genesis NFTs or a Gold Pass NFT you will receive special opportunities:

A collab can design with your own logo or PfP. Guaranteed 2100 cans per year, 10x as many tickets to our festivals and other discounts.

What you get


240 cans per year free of charge

For a lifetime! Guaranteed for 3 years. You decide which beer you want to have sent to you.

How does it work? Once a quarter, you will receive an NFT that you can redeem for your beer.

60 cans per quarter will be sent to you - worldwide, without additional shipping costs, to your doorstep!

highlights of the last months

irl utility – irl business

Dispatch of the first Beer Allowance

Just in time for Christmas, most Holders had their beer under the Christmas tree. Since then, our holders have been getting 60 cans delivered to their doorstep once a quarter - worldwide.