Do you find industrial beer boring too?!

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7 friends and founders of the MetaBrewSociety. We are united by our love of good beer, Web3 and NFTs.

Why MetaBrewSociety?

Founded in April 2022, the MetaBrewSociety became a mega success story in less than 1 year.

With financing from friendly private investors, we bought a family brewery in northern Franconia in August 2022.
With over 1,000 NFTs (digital participation certificates) sold since September 2022 and over EUR 1 million in income from them. we are the most successful German NFT project ever and the first Web3 brewery worldwide.
Several thousand customers in over 40 countries love our beer and the number is growing every day. Our brewing philosophy:

Craft beer in Bavarian! Yummy. tasty!

Selected ingredients. brewed with love and dedication.
Life is too short to drink industrial beer

"A project that also gets attention outside the Web3 world"