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The new MetaBrew NFT: The Magical Beer Box!

The time has finally come - our second NFT is being launched!

With the Magical Beer Box, we are once again combining
innovation & the Bavarian art of brewing. But the whole thing works a little differently this time than with our first NFT.

Mint starts on 22.06.2024

As the name Magical Beer Box suggests, each NFT represents a voucher for a beer box containing 20 cans of beer. This voucher can be redeemed on our website at any time from August onwards.


However, the longer you hold the voucher, the more beer you will receive when you redeem it. This is because the Magic Beer Box is constantly producing beer for you - one can is added every quarter, i.e. four cans per year.


15€ payable via ETH or € by credit card, PayPal

Genesis holders pay only 12€ in Pre-Mint

Magical Beer Box NFT

Benefits for NFT owners

Buy 10, get 11

For every 10 MBB NFTs purchased, you get one MBB NFT for free.

If you buy 100 MBB NFTs or more, you get one MBB NFT for free for every 5 MBB NFTs you buy (buy 100, get 120).

Mine directly here now!

Further information

Buy early = maximum beer

NFTs purchased before 31.07.2024 adjust their redemption quantity on exactly this day (plus one can), all NFTs purchased after this date have not yet produced a can.

Example: Jens buys 110 MBB NFTs on 20.07.2024 at a total price of 110*15€ = 1650 Euro. He receives a total of 132MBB NFTs (110 purchased MBBs + 22 bonus MBBs). From 31.07.2024, he could exchange one of his NFTs for 21 cans of his choice until another quarter has passed and he would receive 22 cans per NFT.

Your affiliate deal as a Genesis holder

Earn money through referrals

As with our Genesis NFT, there is of course also an affiliate program. You register keywords with your wallet and use them to promote MBB in your community. There is up to 20% kickback, which you can split as you wish between you and the referrer (e.g. 10% kickback for you and 10% discount for the buyer, you can also keep the 20% completely or choose any other split). You will automatically receive the earned kickback in your wallet.