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Just a few more steps to your free beer

Every MetaBrewSociety Genesis NFT owner is entitled to order up to 240 cans of beer per year for free. This means in detail that every quarter you can order either 60 cans of beer or another changing beer-free product. We offer a variety of beers to choose from, to ensure that everyone finds their personal favorite.

60 cans per quarter, 240 per year

How does that actually work?

The order windows are always open for about three weeks and are announced here, in our newsletter, in our Discord and on Twitter. Approximately two weeks before the opening of the order window, another NFT (Allowance Token) is dropped into your wallet. This token serves as a kind of voucher when ordering and is valid for two order windows. After that, its validity expires. This way you have enough time to place your order.

Your order will be shipped after the order window has closed. This can exceptionally lead to delivery times of several weeks. All regular orders in our shop will still be processed and shipped on a daily basis.

Simply follow the instructions below to place a smooth order:


how to order your beer

1. Your Device

Use your desktop computer with Firefox/Chrome and MetaMask installed if possible. If you use a mobile device, please always use your wallet's internal browser, like Metamask.

2. Your Wallet

Connect to the wallet where your Allowance Token is stored.

3. Select Polygon

Change the network in MetaMask to Polygon/Matic. If you are working with a hardware wallet, install and activate the Polygon app on the hardware wallet as well.

4. "Drop Claim"

Go to our website and click on

5. Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet to our website and unlock the desired product in the store by clicking on "View Details" and then on "Activate Perks". Add the desired product to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

6. Burn, Token, burn!

Enter your shipping and payment details and "burn" your Allowance token. If you have multiple Allowance Tokens, you can choose which one you want to use.

7. (for Germany)

Pay the can deposit via PayPal or credit card if the delivery address is in Germany.

8. Check your emails

Check if you have received a confirmation email for your order.

9. Cheers

Wait for the package to arrive. Open the package, chill a few cans, but take one already.... open and enjoy! Cheers. :-)

we are thirsty!

when does the next window open?

  • Next drop of the Allowance Token: Friday, 12.05.2023
  • Next order window: Tuesday, 30.05.2023 until Friday, 16.06.2023