Our free beer pass is a unique digital certificate. The nature of the technology behind it allows the free beer pass to be owned and traded. Each free beer pass is unique and unchangeable. The language commonly used term is NFT, or "non-fungible token".
There is a maximum of 1516 MetaBrewSociety (MBS) Genesis Free Beer Passes. Each of these free beer passes is given the right to have at least 60 cans of beer sent home once a quarter. For this purpose, each free beer pass is issued with an associated beer brand (also as a digital certificate) once every quarter. The beer brands can be passed on to other people by the owner or sold on special trading places. In the MBS online shop, the beer brand serves as a means of payment for the quarterly beer entitlement.

The holder of an MBS free beer pass also receives other benefits such as

  • free entry and free beer at MBS events
  • Free beer at MBS franchise tap rooms
  • Discounts on the MBS product portfolio
  • Passive income when referring customers
  • exclusive access to partner events or products
  • Free brewing courses and brewery tours
  • Access to the MBS community
  • further benefits are planned

You can buy the Genesis Free Beer Pass here: Mintpage

A beer brand can be purchased on this trading place, for example: OpenSea Q1 Token

More information about the free beer pass can be found here: Discord