Drop Q3/23 - 60 Cans
Drop Q3/23 - 60 Cans
Drop Q3/23 - 60 Cans
Drop Q3/23 - 60 Cans
Drop Q3/23 - 60 Cans
Drop Q3/23 - 60 Cans
Drop Q3/23 - 60 Cans


Drop Q3/23 - 60 Cans

Angebotspreis0,00 eur Regulärer Preis92,60 eur
Spare 92,60 eur

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Abholung von Brauerei Naila möglich Gewöhnlich fertig in 2 - 4 Tagen

Drop Q3/23 - 60 Cans

60x BPA

Brauerei Naila

Abholung möglich, gewöhnlich fertig in 2 - 4 tagen

Hofer Straße 21
95119 Naila

As an MBS NFT owner, you can now order your free beer for this quarter. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Use your desktop computer with Firefox/Chrome and MetaMask installed, if possible. If you are using a mobile device, always use the internal browser of your wallet.

  2. Use the wallet where your allowance token is located.

  3. Set the network in MetaMask to Polygon/Matic. If you are working with a hardware wallet, install and activate the Polygon app on the hardware wallet as well.

  4. Go to metabrewsociety.com and click on "Drop Claim."

  5. Connect your wallet with our website and unlock the product you want by clicking on "View Details" and then "Activate Perks" for one of the available products. Add the desired product to your cart and proceed to checkout.

  6. Enter your shipping and payment details, and burn your allowance token NFT. If you have multiple tokens, you can choose which one to use.

  7. Pay the deposit via PayPal or credit card if your delivery address is in Germany.

  8. Check if you have received a confirmation email for your order.

  9. Wait for the package to arrive from the delivery service. The shipment will start mid/end of September

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us in our Discord or via mail