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MetaBrewSociety is a collection of 6000 NFTs with unseen IRL utilities, providing holders with an average of 200 cans of free craft beer per year for life!

Our mission is no less than to become the leading Web3 beer brand and community. And you can be a part of it!

Your MBS NFT allows you to take part in this revolutionary next step for beer and the brewing industry. Holders are co-owners of our brewery in Bavaria, receive innovative utility that is the first of its kind and that can be enjoyed in real life for a lifetime. So join our Web3 beer revolution!

NFT Mint now open

NFT Mint now open

The MetaBrewSociety Mint is now open!

All members of our Whitelist will be able to mint their own MBS NFT on the following mint page.

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Your MetaBrew­Society Utility

In addition to the beautiful NFT artwork, MetaBrewSociety holders receive innovative utility that is the first of its kind in Web3. We provide holders the following benefits to ensure you profit from the long-term success of MBS:

160-240 cans/year of free beer – lifelong
160-240 cans/year of free beer – lifelong
  • MBS Affiliate Program

  • Exclusive MBS events

  • And more

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MBS Roadmap

The brewing and enjoyment of beer has a rich and sophisticated history - it is one of the oldest and most widely consumed drinks in the world. MetaBrewSociety’s mission is to leverage the power of decentralized communities and the Metaverse to breathe new life into an antiquated industry.

  1. Phase 1:

  2. Phase 2:
    MetaBrewSociety Mint

  3. Phase 3:
    Immediately after mints, for the next 500 years


MINT is now open – better don’t miss it.

The MetaBrewSociety mint takes place in three stages. MBS is a community-focussed project that is onboarding many new entrants into the web3 space - the mint phases have been specifically designed to accommodate everyone in our community.

MINT is now open – better don’t miss it.
  1. Phase 1:
    Priority Whitelist 1

    As the most active and engaged members of the MBS community, Priority Whitelist 1 will be first to mint for a cheaper mint price.

  2. Phase 2:
    Priority Whitelist 2

    This phase is designed to accommodate the members of our community that are new to Web3, and therefore may not be familiar with or users of Discord and Twitter.

  3. Phase 3:
    Public Sale

    After the first two phases of the MBS mint are complete, the mint will be open to the public.

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Meet our doxxed Founding Team


Created by a group of friends who love beer, have extensive experience in building businesses and are fully passionate about it.

Meet our doxxed Founding Team Check out the team

Join MetaBrewSociety and become part of the decentralized revolution of the brewing industry, co-own a real German brewery, get lots of free beer!