Meet our Doxxed Founding Team

Meet our  Doxxed  Founding  Team

Created by a group of 8 friends and entrepreneurs who love crypto, tech, beer, delicious food and festivals. Together they have already founded and successfully managed over 20 companies. In total, they have over 80 years of experience as entrepreneurs, during which they have already overcome the toughest crises.

We Are the Team behind MetaBrewSociety

Founders team

  • Holger - CEO
    Holger - CEO

    Creative pioneer and entrepreneur who loves to combine old industries with new technologies.

  • Chantalle - Artist
    Chantalle - Artist

    Art Director and Head of „The Look“. Inspired woman of the team who loves to create unique brands and styles for passionated businesses.

  • Tim - Operations & Marketing
    Tim - Operations & Marketing

    Entrepreneur and marketeer who wants to bring beernovations and delicious non-alcoholic beer to Web3 and the rest of the world.

  • Marcus - Brewer
    Marcus - Brewer

    The brewer in the team, heart and soul and beer master (mind).

  • Johannes - Tech Strategist
    Johannes - Tech Strategist

    Beer lover from the German beer capital Bamberg with a long-lasting family history in brewery and gastronomy, fascinated by Web3, his home is the Metaverse.

  • Andi - Smart Contract Dev
    Andi - Smart Contract Dev

    Long standing entrepreneur and tech guru, full stack developer. There's no code Andi can't write.

  • Ty - Community & Brewer
    Ty - Community & Brewer

    Former US Marine who has already worked as a brewer in America and Europe, specializing in IPAs. He loves community building and is a true Web3 Pro.

  • Wolfgang - Investor
    Wolfgang - Investor

    Experienced executive and long-time business angel who always has the right advice.


MINT Started on September 22nd 2022

The MetaBrew­Society mint takes place in three stages. MBS is a community-focussed project that is onboarding many new entrants into the web3 space - the mint phases have been specifically designed to accommodate everyone in our community.

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Join MetaBrew­Society and become part of the decentralized revolution of the brewing industry, co-own a real German brewery and get lots of free beer!