Everything you need to know about the Project

Everything you need to know about the Project

The brewing and enjoyment of beer has a rich and sophisticated history - it is one of the oldest and most widely consumed drinks in the world. MetaBrewSociety’s mission is to leverage the power of decentralized communities and the Metaverse to breathe new life into an antiquated industry.

Your MetaBrew­Society Utility

You do not just get an amazing and unique piece of art when buying an MBS NFT.
You´ll also get unseen utilities and you´ll profit from the long-term success of MBS

VIP tours

MBS NFT holders are welcome in the real and the Digital Brewery, as co-owner, at any time for a free VIP tour, a free beer tasting right from the barrel, to meet the other community member and the real brewers

Exclusive discounts

Shop at a 25% discount at the iconic MBS Shop where our Specialty Beers, but also Food Specialties and unique MBS Clothing will be offered in the Metaverse. Products available at limited volumes will be exclusively made available to NFT holders before they will be sold publicly

Exclusive voting rights on key business decisions

We will form a DAO of NFT holders which will vote on which beer we are going to brew, in which city we are going to open the next beer shop and many more important business decisions


There will be additional utility for NFT holders to
directly benefit from the overall success of the MetaBrewSociety beer business. Not just by NFT value but also monetarily. For regulatory reasons we can´t disclose more right now.

MINT Started on September 22nd 2022

The MetaBrewSociety mint takes place in three stages. MBS is a community-focussed project that is onboarding many new entrants into the web3 space - the mint phases have been specifically designed to accommodate everyone in our community.

Got to mint

MBS Roadmap

  1. Phase 1:

    1. DONE: Purchase the MetaBrewery Before the Mint

      We have already secured over $3million in funding to purchase the brewery in Bavaria, Germany. This de-risks our launch for potential minters, who can now be 100% confident that purchasing an MBS NFT will give them co-ownership rights of a real brewery.

    2. Ongoing: Bringing Together A Beer-Loving Community

      Through community events, giveaways, and competitions, we will bring together a tight-knit community of beer lovers and brewers.

    3. Ongoing: Establishing our Brand and Sharing Our Vision

      We have leveraged our NFT IP rights to create a Moonbird Brew (free for Moonbird holders). We will continue exploring similar exciting promotions and partnerships to establish MetaBrewSociety as
      the web3 beer brand.

    4. In Progress: Brewery Renovation

      While respecting the beauty and history of our beautiful brewery, we will modernize and optimize the facilities to increase its capacity to produce up to 10 million cans of beer per year (with plenty of room for expansion).

  2. Phase 2:
    MetaBrewSociety Mint

    1. Mint

      We launched our collection of 6,000 MBS NFTs. Our holders are provided co-ownership rights in the MBS brewery and an annual allowance of free beer.

  3. Phase 3:
    Immediately after mints, for the next 500 years

    1. Establish the MetaBrewSociety DAO

      Immediately following the mint, the MetaBrewSociety DAO will begin voting on the key business decisions of the brewery.

    2. Deliver Beer For MBS Holders

      After the renovation of the brewery is complete, we will complete the first deliveries of the free beer allowance to each of our holders.

      The first free beer delivery will still get to you this year.

      We will continue to do this every year, forever. Your beer allowance will be airdropped to you as an NFT in quarterly installments. You can choose to redeem the airdropped NFT and have the beer delivered, or sell the NFT on the secondary market.

    3. MetaBrewery in the Metaverse

      We will place a digital twin of our brewery in the Metaverse. In the digital Metaverse MetaBrewery, you can attend beer-tasting sessions (meticulously described and presented by a beer sommelier), brewery classes, and shop at our iconic beer shop hosting a wide variety of specialty beers.

    4. Beer Innovation

      We will use our state-of-the-art brewing facilities to drive innovation in the beer industry. We will launch high protein alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers (for which a patent application is in preparation) to provide nutritious options for beer-lovers.

      The MBS DAO will also explore and vote on whether to launch (for example) iconic smoke beers (brewed with smoked malt), tasty light beers (light on alcohol, not on taste) and gluten-free beers.

    5. Brewers Club: A Beer Brand Incubator

      The Brewers Club is MetaBrewSociety’s in-house incubator for beer brands, and is accessible only by MBS holders. Those that hold 10+ MBS NFTs will be empowered to create their own co-branded beers. Holders of 25+ NFTs can create their own fully branded beers and flavors.

      The Brewers Club will have access to our state-of-the-art facilities, our expert brewers, our extraordinary brand and marketing team, and access to a community of flourishing beer brand owners.

    6. Events and Community

      Our holders receive exclusive access to parties, festivals, beer tasting sessions, and beer brewing courses. Events will take place both within the MetaBrewery in Bavaria, and at other exciting locations and events across the world.


Join MetaBrew­Society and become part of the decentralized revolution of the brewing industry, co-own a real German brewery, get lots of free beer!