MINT is now OPEN – Be Part Of the Re­volution

MINT is now OPEN – Be Part Of the Re­volution

The MetaBrewSociety mint takes place in three stages. MBS is a community-focussed project that is onboarding many new entrants into the web3 space - the mint phases have been specifically designed to accommodate everyone in our community.

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  1. Phase 1: Priority Whitelist 1

    Everyone who has received the whitelist role in the MBS Discord will be able to mint during this first phase. As the most active and engaged members of the MBS community, Priority Whitelist 1 will be first to mint for a cheaper mint price.

    Mint Price: $950 (in ETH)

    Mint Date: Started September 22nd at 6 pm CET

    Everyone on Priority Whitelist 1 have 24 hours to mint.

  2. Phase 2: Priority Whitelist 2

    Everyone who has ordered beer from the MBS website, but has not joined the MBS Discord group to receive the whitelist role or registered via Premint will be on Priority Whitelist 2. This phase is designed to accommodate the members of our community that are new to Web3, and therefore may not be familiar with or users of Discord and Twitter.

    Mint Price:  $1,000 (in ETH)

    Mint Date: September 23rd starting at 6 pm CET

    Everyone on Priority Whitelist 2 will have 24 hours to mint.

  3. Phase 3: Public Sale

    After the first two phases of the MBS mint are complete, the mint will be open to the public.

    Mint Price: $1,050 (in ETH)

    Mint Date: September 24th starting at 6 pm CET


What´s the NFT art and rarity?

MBS NFTs mimic historic stock certificates. Each MBS NFT is a unique combination of multiple traits, the most important of which is the individual beer share value that represents your annual free beer allowance (160 to 240 cans). All traits are hand drawn by our amazing artist Chantalle.

When can I buy an MBS NFT?

Our Mint will started on September 22nd.

As explained above, the Mint is in three phases. So if you want to have a MBS NFT for sure, hurry up and get on our whitelist.

How do I get my free beer?

As MBS NFT owner you will be able to claim your annual free beer allowance through our website.
For this purpose, each quarter we will airdrop you a new MBS beer allowance NFT to pay in our shop.

Can I trade my MBS NFT?

Definitely, just like most NFTs, MBS NFT holders will be able to trade theirs on the secondary market (e.g.,, etc.).

In addition, there will be the possibility to trade your free beer every quarter on these platforms as well.

Join MetaBrew­Society and become part of the decentralized revolution of the brewing industry, co-own a real German brewery and get lots of free beer!