FAQ – We answer your questions!

FAQ – We answer your  questions!

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Our Mission, the business model, Utilities and more.

What´s the NFT art and rarity?

MBS NFTs mimic historic stock certificates. Each MBS NFT is a unique combination of multiple traits, the most important of which is the individual beer share value that represents your annual free beer allowance (160 to 240 cans). All traits are hand drawn by our amazing artist Chantalle.

When can I buy an MBS NFT?

Our Mint will start on September 22nd.

As explained above, the Mint will be in three phases. So if you want to have a MBS NFT for sure, hurry up and get on our whitelist.

How do I get my free beer?

As MBS NFT owner you will be able to claim your annual free beer allowance through our website.
For this purpose, each quarter we will airdrop you a new MBS beer allowance NFT to pay in our shop.

Can I trade my MBS NFT?

Definitely, just like most NFTs, MBS NFT holders will be able to trade theirs on the secondary market (e.g. opensea.io, rarible.com, etc.).

In addition, there will be the possibility to trade your free beer every quarter on these platforms as well.

ABOUT MetaBrewSociety

Our Mission, the business model, Utilities and more.

In what way am I a co-owner of MBS when I own an MBS NFT?

Regulation prevents us from selling real company shares to our NFT holders outside of the regulated financial markets and platforms. Therefore, we chose to define a virtual ownership as follows:

First and foremost, every NFT holder receives a rich annual beer allowance which alone more than justifies the minting price of the NFT.

In addition, as part of the MBS DAO, every NFT holder will get equal voting rights to influence key business decisions.

Last but not least there will be additional utilities for NFT holders to directly benefit from the overall success of the MetaBrewSociety beer business. Not just by NFT value but also monetarily. For regulatory reasons we can't disclose more right now.

Where can I get more information about the MetaBrewSociety?

You can find us mainly on Twitter and on Instagram. All other Social Media profiles you can find here.

However, to interact with our MBS community, get the latest news and to raise your own questions, join our Discord or send us a mail.

Am I eligible to mint?

Everyone who has been assigned the whitelist role in Discord, or has ordered beer from our shop, is eligible to mint. So if you haven't ordered a beer box yet, you can still do so directly in ourshop.

Which wallet am I registered with?

You are registered with the wallet you provided during the order process. If you are now using a different wallet ID, you can update your wallet ID by posting your order ID, name and new wallet details in our Discord channel#update-wallet. It is a write-only channel, and only the founders are able to read posts. If you experience any other issues, please open up a ticket and we will be very happy to help!

Meet our doxxed Founding Team


Created by a group of friends who love beer, are experiences in building business and are fully passionated.

Meet our doxxed Founding Team Check out the team

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