(f) BPA (Bavarian Pale Ale) Light
(f) BPA (Bavarian Pale Ale) Light
(f) BPA (Bavarian Pale Ale) Light
(f) BPA (Bavarian Pale Ale) Light
(f) BPA (Bavarian Pale Ale) Light


(f) BPA (Bavarian Pale Ale) Light

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  • A light beer with only 2.5% alcohol. but full of flavor. The light version of our BPA full beer. Half alcohol. but the same fruity hop notes as the BPA Vollbier.

  • Light. fruity. tasty.

  • Lighter in summer. fruity thirst quencher. the perfect cyclist replacement. Suitable for every meal and every occasion.

  • Light yellow. fruity. fresh. hoppy and still tasty.

  • Beer style description:

    Orange color with dense foam. Citrus notes reminiscent of lime, orange and tangerine are accompanied by red currant. The initial taste is refreshingly fine and soft. There is a slightly bitter note accompanied by a hint of wild herbs. The fruit aromas are also reported again. They pleasantly accompany the bitterness into the long aftertaste.
  • Malt: Pilsner malt, Munich malt, light Carmel malt

  • Hops: Hallertau Tradition, Mandarina Bavaria

  • Yeast: Fermentis US05
  • Alcohol content: approx. 2.5% by volume
  • What our happy customers say:

    • Has as little alcohol as a cyclist. but tastes so much better.

    • This will be my summer beer for 2023. You can't taste the low alcohol content.

    • The first light beer. that tastes like a Vollbier

  • This is what our customers order together with the BPA Light:

    • bright

    • BPA Vollbier

    • BPA alcohol free

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