Bavarian Dark Ale 2,5% - Holders


Bavarian Dark Ale 2,5% - Holders

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Alkoholgehalt: 2.5%

Quantity:6 Cans

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Pickup available at Pick-Up Station - Brauerei Naila Usually ready in 2-4 days

Bavarian Dark Ale 2,5% - Holders

6 Cans

Pick-Up Station - Brauerei Naila

Pickup available, usually ready in 2-4 days

Hofer Straße 21
95119 Naila

The Bavarian Dark Ale, our light beer innovation, impressively proves that lower alcohol content does not mean less taste. With only 2.5% alcohol and 50% fewer calories, it sets completely new standards for refreshing beer enjoyment.

Your beer innovation with real added value:

Flavor intensity, lightweight: Surprisingly intense taste despite half the amount of alcohol and calories. Enjoy the full character of a BDA full beer without compromising your enjoyment.

    Your taste experience in detail:

    Naturally cloudy and dark, our BDA presents a complex and interesting blend of dark fruits on the nose, such as plums and raisins, conveyed by our special ale yeast strain. Once in the mouth, it hits you with an almost "icy" feeling reminiscent of licorice. As it passes through your throat, you can feel a moderate bitterness and hints of roasty malts that delight the mouth and invite another sip. Once again an easy drinking and refreshing brew from MBS

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